One for all - all for one. Our team spirit stands for our strong community. We are a committed crowd that respects and fights for one another. We help each other and at all times.


It is not talent that's decisive, it's the mentality. Our will drives us every day, we stay true to the motto "Our best or nothing!" We are the ones who make the difference with great self-confidence and courage.

We are modern, innovative, professional, visionary and unique!
We are ambassadors for the DFI and wear our logo with pride!
We pursue our goals with joy and passion!
We always do our best and love what we do!
We are grateful to be part of the DFI family!
We are helpful, grateful and honest!
We are mentality monsters!
We stand for quality!
We are a TEAM!

"We produce personalities" is the motto of the German Football Boarding School

Our main goal is to turn the students entrusted to us into young, seasoned men who know the values that count in life.

To achieve this, it is first and foremost necessary to exemplify these values in everyday behaviour with one another and to be a role model for the students.

This is reinforced by the personality classes at the DFI. In this lesson, topics such as goals, communication, values, norms, decency, team building and much more are taught by the different inspirations of the students.

Self-confident people who are ready to take responsibility for their life, who set goals and for whom values such as hard work, performance, discipline, perseverance, reliability, honesty, love, trust, consequence, helpfulness or also a sense of ownership are of enormous importance and are undoubtedly among the winners in life.

We see it as our task to convey these values to our students, with the clear goal that the children and young people consider this innate attitude as important.